Current Editors


Kerry Dodd is a PhD researcher at Lancaster University, UK and Reviews Editor for Fantastika Journal. His thesis, entitled "The Archaeological Weird: Excavating the Non-human," examines the intersection between archaeology and Weird fiction. Utilising a post-structural materialist framework, his thesis focuses on how archaeological framings can offer a re-conceptualisation of object-orientated ontology through the Weird. Kerry also works more widely in the fields of: Science Fiction (particularly Cosmic Horror and Cyberpunk), the Gothic and digital culture.

Rebecca Duncan gained her DAAD-funded PhD in 2015 from Justus-Liebig University, Gießen, and currently teaches in the Division of Literature and Languages at the University of Stirling, UK where she is affiliated to the International Centre for Gothic Studies.  She has research interests in postcolonial literary and visual cultures, with emphases on Southern Africa, speculative genres, and materialist and ecocritical perspectives. Her monograph South African Gothic: Anxiety and Creative Dissent in the Post-Apartheid Imagination and Beyond was released in June 2018.

Matthew J. Elder is a PhD candidate and tutor at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. His research interests include contemporary fantasy literature, magic, and identity construction. Sacrifice in long-form contemporary fantasy is the subject of his doctoral research. He finds hope in the notion that exploring impossible worlds might help make our own world better.

Francis Gene-Rowe is currently a PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London (UK). His doctoral research examines the interrelation of Romanticism and Science Fiction, with a particular focus on William Blake and Philip K. Dick. Other interests and loves include experimental poetry, ecocatastrophe, tabletop gaming (esp. RPGs & Magic: The Gathering), fuel cultures, William S. Burroughs, the Weird and Walter Benjamin. He co-directs the London Science Fiction Research Community (LSFRC).

Chris Hussey is in the sixth year of his part-time PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK, exploring real and literary place in Children's
Literature. His research interests focus on aspects of space, place, and identity, in both realist and fantastic texts, and particularly within
the writing of China Miéville. Such interests extend to examining works of military Science Fiction, narratives involving Alternative Histories and timelines, Magical Realism texts, and more broadly the genre of Horror.

Charul (Chuckie) Palmer-Patel started organising the Fantastika conferences in 2013 at Lancaster University, UK, and expanded the conference to journal form in the hopes of maintaining and expanding the Fantastika community after moving back to Canada in 2017. The conference is currently continued on by the editing staff of Fantastika. Palmer-Patel's research focuses on Epic Fantasy. Her upcoming monography, The Shape of Fantasy: Investigating the Structure of American Heroic Epic Fantasy, is expected out late 2019 or early 2020 with Routledge. Her next research project examines women and matriarchy in Fantasy.

Assistant Editors

Beata Gubacsi is a final year PhD student at the University of Liverpool, UK working on her research project, Literature of Monstrosity: Posthumanism and the New Weird. She has been involved in Bluecoat Liverpool’s science fiction projects as part of her LiNK placement, and co-hosted workshops at the Being Human Festival, Tate Exchange and Nottingham New Art Exchange in 2015-16. She has been the co-ordinator of the Current Research in Speculative Fiction Conference since 2017. Most recently, she has started writing a column, "Medical Humanities 2.0", for The Polyphony, the blog of the Institute for Medical Humanities at Durham University.

Design Editor

Sing Yun Lee is an artist and designer living in London, UK. She enjoys projects connected to SFF studies, and is the lead artist and designer for Fantastika Journal and the London Science Fiction Research Community. She was recently commissioned by the University of Glasgow to create the visual identity for the 2018 international Petrocultures conference, and by the SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Association) to design the cover for their 40th Anniversary Anthology.

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Xavier Aldana Reyes

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