Special Issue: LGBTQIA+ Fantastika

We are interested in works that contain representations of the LGBTQIA+ community, relationships, and full spectrum of identities.

Some suggested topics are:
• fantastical representations and productions of LGBTQIA+
• reception and consumption of LGBTQIA+ (including cosplay and fan fiction)
• intersectional approaches with race and/or disability
• historical depictions of LGBTQIA+ fictional or real people, including re-imaginings or interpretations
• “coming-out” narratives, including the bildungsroman
• world-building and the place of LGBTQIA+ within these settings
• related post-human themes (alien species, cyborgs, shapeshifting, etc.)
• artistic styles and specifics of visual/performance elements (costuming, body representations, etc.)

Note: This is an open-call for papers. While it links to our digital symposium (details here), you are not required to present at the event in order to submit an article for consideration. As well, while the symposium focused on graphic narratives, we are expanding the remit for this special issue to all formats.

Please follow our submission guidelines Deadlines for article submissions: 15 January 2022.



The journal welcomes submissions throughout the year regardless of theme or topic as long as the content is relevant to Fantastika in some manner or form. Articles will undergo a two-step review process - all submissions will first be reviewed by the editorial board and if deemed appropriate to the journal will then proceed to double blind-peer review. Accepted submissions will be published in our next upcoming general issue.

Please refer to our guidelines to ensure that your article adheres to our house style and formatting guidelines before submission.  We also accept general fiction and non-fiction reviews as well as conference reports.

Articles can be submitted by emailing