Volume 1 Issue 1 - Table of Contents


Fantastika; or, The Sacred Grove
John Clute

Excavations of Genre Barriers: Breaking New Ground with Fantastika Journal
C. Palmer-Patel


From the Inevitable to the Inexplicable: Investigating the Literary and Linguistic Roots of the Weird
Kerry Dodd

The Weird in Fantastika: Grotesque Aesthetics and Disrupting Anthropocentricism
Claire Quigley

On Placing the Grotesque
Nahid Shahbazi Moghadam

Alternate History: Defining Counterparts and Individuals with Transworld Identity
Riyukta Raghunath

Walking the Horizon: Transmissions between Worlds in Alan Garner’s Late Fiction
Brian Baker

Non-Fiction Reviews

Horror: A Literary History edited by Xavier Aldana Reyes (The British Library, 2016)
Review by Tim Jarvis

The Gothic Condition by David Punter (University of Wales Press, 2016)
Review by Stephen Curtis

Biopunk Dystopias: Genetic Engineering, Society, and Science Fiction by Lars Schmeink (Liverpool University Press, 2016)
Review by Jack Fennell

Hard Reading: Learning from Science Fiction by Tom Shippey (Liverpool University Press, 2016)
Review by Jack Fennell

Science Fiction, New Space Opera, and Neoliberal Globalism by Jerome Winter (University of Wales Press, 2016)
Review by Paul March-Russell

Supernatural Cities Conference
Conference Report by Karl Bell

Searching the Borders of Fantasy Conference
Conference Report by Evdokia Nesterova

Fiction Reviews

Can You Call Back the Lightning?
A Review of The Power (2016)
Review by Tracy Hastie

Cinematic Discourse: Deconstructing Modes of Gender and Time in James Bobin’s Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
A Review of Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)
Review by Jade Dillon

A Multifaceted Emerald (City): The Reinvention of Oz
A Review of Emerald City (2017)
Review by Alison Tedman

Beauty and the Beast of Queer Misrepresentation
A Review of Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Review by Danielle Girard

Afternoon Tea in the Aether: Adventure, Romance, and [Post]Colonialism in Gail Carriger’s Prudence
A Review of Prudence (2015)
Review by Shannon Rollins

Weird Currency
A Review of Animal Money (2015)
Review by Richard Howard

Falling in Love with Familiar but Stranger Things
A Review of Stranger Things (2016)
Review by Rebecca Horton

The Expanse: No One Told You Space Could Make You Feel So Empty
A Review of The Expanse (2015-present)
Review by Aleksandar Kordis

"Both Dead and Alive": Zombies Outside the Box in The Girl with All the Gifts
A Review of The Girl with all the Gifts (2016)
Review by Katherine Cox

Horizon Zero Dawn Offers Excellent Exploration of Humanity’s Hopes and Fears for the Future
A Review of Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)
Review by Molly Cobb

The Resplendent Review: Looking Through the Spyglass at Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
A Review of A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017)
Review by Chris Hussey

In Memoriam: Penny Dreadful (Season Three)
A Review of Penny Dreadful (2016)
Review by T Evans

The Uncertain Hope of Logan
A Review of Logan (2017)
Review by Daniel Huw Bowen

A Visit from our Inner Demons
A Review of A Monster Calls (2016)
Review by Adele Hannon

Biomechanical Monstrosities and Western Reveries in Westworld
A Review of Westworld (2016)
Review by Naomi von Senff

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Flies into the Grey Zone and is All the Better for It
A Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Review by Lauren Randall

Shifting Sands: White Sand Vol. 1 Establishes Strong Direction for New Graphic Novel Series
A Review of White Sand Vol. 1 (2016)
Review by Stuart Lindsay

Tarzan, Cheemo and Teddy Drink Beer and Meet Aliens at the Lake. No, Really, They Do: Drew Hayden Taylor’s Irreverent Indigenous SFs
A Review of Take Us to Your Chief and Other Stories (2016)
Review by Laurie Ringer

Possessed by Popular Culture
A Review of A Head Full of Ghosts (2016)
Review by Alan Gregory

Underwater Sounds: An Audio-Literary Adventure
A Review of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2016)
Review by John Sharples

Gender Equality and Self-Fellatio: The Weird and Wonderful World of Saga
A Review of Saga (2012-present)
Review by Richard Mooney

Gothic Perils of the Academic Life
A Review of You’re Not Dead (2015)
Review by Inés G. Labarta