Volume 2 Issue 1 - Table of Contents


Fantastika’s Oneirocriticon
Adam Roberts

“And I became a legend”: Storytelling, Star Wars and the Politics of
Andrew Tate

A Case of Artificial Joi: Blade Runner 2049
Brian Baker


Post-Cyberpunk and The Potential Ontological Emancipation of Cyberspatial Education in Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age
Michael Kvamme-O’Brien

Unsettling Language: Grotesque Description in The Flame Alphabet
Mark Heimermann

Suburban Gothic and Neoliberal Gothic in Stranger Things (2016)
Stuart Lindsay

The Magical is Political: Deconstructing the Gendered Supernatural in Teen Wolf
T Evans and Madeline Pettet

Chasing Canon in J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World: Towards a Poetics of Reception of Transmedia Storyworlds
Katarina O’Dette

Non-Fiction Reviews

Gothic Dissections in Film and Literature: The Body in Parts (2017) by Ian Conrich and Laura Sedgwick
Review by Rebecca Gibson

Posthuman Gothic (2017) Edited by Anya Heise-Von der Lippe
Review by Kaja Franck

Science Fiction: A Literary History (2017) Edited by Roger Luckhurst
Review by Molly Cobb

Darwinian Feminism and Early Science Fiction (2018) by Patrick B. Sharp
Review by Sarah Lohmann

Mary Shelley (2018) by Angela Wright

Review by Richard Howard

Conference and Event Reports

Organic Systems: Environments, Bodies and Cultures in Science Fiction Conference (Sept 2017)
Conference Report by Chris Hussey

Gothic Style(s), Gothic Substance: Gothic Manchester Festival (Oct 2017)
Conference Report by Tuğçe Bıçakçı Syed

2017: A Clarke Odyssey  - A Conference Marking the Centenary of Sir Arthur C. Clarke (Dec 2017)
Conference Report by Rhodri Davies

Fiction Reviews

“No Escape From These Words”
A Review of H(a)ppy (2017)
Review by Paul March-Russell

“Because You Are All Different”: Isolation and Identity in The Erstwhile
A Review of The Erstwhile (2017)
Review by Beatrice Ashton-Lelliott

“What You Seek is Seeking You”: A Journey into Islamic Mythology
A Review of The City of Brass (2017)
Review by Meriem Rayen Lamara

#BuryYourTrekkies: A Discovery of the Final Frontier 51 Years Later
A Review of Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
Review by Danielle Girard

“How Long Have I Been Out?”
A Review of Twin Peaks: The Return “Part 8” (2017)
Review by John Sharples

Horror Before Horror: Arthur Machen's Collected Nightmares
A Review of The Great God Pan and Other Horror Stories (2018)
Review by Aren Roukema

Curiouser and Curiouser: What Happens After the Return from Wonderland?
A Review of Every Heart A Doorway (2016)
Review by Alison Baker

Out From the Edge of Dusk, The Return of the Repressed: Jeff Noon's A Man of Shadows
A Review of A Man of Shadows (2017)
Review by Thomas Kewin

Micro Narratives: In Space!
A Review of Prey (2017)
Review by Samuel Valentine

And to Dust You Will Return
A Review of La Belle Sauvage (2017)
Review by Rhianon Jones

A Ghost of Itself
A Review of Ghost in the Shell (2017)
Review by Charlotte Gislam

No Justice for the League
A Review of Justice League (2017)
Review by Daniel Huw Bowen

God of Thunder, Lord of Laughs
A Review of Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
Review by Stuart Spear

The Machinery of Progress
A Review of The Underground Railroad (2016)
Review by Thomas Knowles

Closing the Generation Gap
A Review of Generations: Ms. Marvel & Ms. Marvel (2017)
Review by Richard Mooney