Luminary Issue 6 - Table of Contents


Introduction to “Visualizing Fantastika” Issue of The Luminary
Brian Baker


Cree, Canadian and American: Negotiating sovereignties with Jeff Lemire’s Equinox and “Justice League Canada”
Will Smith

Speaking the Unspeakable and Seeing the Unseeable: The Role of Fantastika in Visualising the Holocaust, or, More Than Just Maus
Glyn Morgan

Adapting George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four
Asami Nakamura

Simulation Frames: Young Adult Dystopian Cinema
Alison Tedman

The Monstrous Transformation of the Self: Translating Japanese Cyberpunk and the Posthuman into the Living World
Orion Mavridou

Losers Don’t Play Videogames . . . Heroes Do: The Remediation of Videogames in 1980s Science Fiction Films
Dawn Stobbart

To Fatality and Beyond: The Deathsetics of Failure in Videogames
Stephen Curtis

Professional Game Artists: An Investigation into the Primary Considerations that Impact Upon Their Work, and The Effects Upon Their Creative Practice
Ken Fee