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Fantastika Journal House Style Guide

MLA 9 cheat sheet - Note that our MLA guide reflects House Style preferences and there are small changes from MLA 9.

Our Remit

We invite submissions from all areas of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Alternate History, Gothic, Steampunk, Young Adult Dystopic Fiction, or any other radically imaginative narrative space.

Fantastika Journal is an English language publication and all submissions must be submitted in English.


We invite articles that make strong, clear, and original arguments in the Fantastika fields. Check out our Peer Reviewer Guidelines 2020 to see the specific questions we ask our peer reviewers when considering an article for publication.

To submit an article for consideration, please send a 5000-7000 word article in .doc or .docx format to 

Please submit a 300 word abstract with a brief (max. 100 words) bionote in separate documents with your submission.

Articles should adhere to the MLA 9 Style Manual and Fantastika House Style. Please note that the word count includes footnotes and works cited list.

All submissions to Fantastika Journal will undergo a two-stage peer review. Articles will initially be reviewed by the editorial board, within 2-3 weeks, and will then pass on to a second stage of external double blind peer review if the board feel that the submission is suitable to the journal. Authors who reach the second stage should expect to receive an editorial recommendation and copies of the reviewer's reports to be returned within 12 weeks of original submission.

If your article passes peer review with major or minor changes, we ask that all revised submissions be made with an email or annotated document highlighting the changes that were made to address the peer reviewers' and editors' concerns.


If you would like to write a review of a non-fiction academic book, a conference/event report, or a fiction review of a recently released book, film, or television show that fits the Fantastika perimeters, please contact the Reviews Board at to arrange a review.

All non-fiction reviews are 1500-2000 words.

All fiction reviews are 1000-1500 words.

Reviews must follow MLA 9 and our House Style guide above.

See the attached links to our letters of instructions for further guidance:

Non-Fiction Review

Fiction Review of Book

Fiction Review of Video Game

Fiction Review of Graphic Novel

Fiction Review of Film Media

Note that we also welcome reviews of mediums outside of the ones listed here, such as conference reports, exhibitions, performances, etc. Please contact our Editors for further guidance.

Regular Reviewers 

We are always looking for regular volunteers for peer review, and fiction and non-fiction reviews.

If you are interested in becoming one of our regular contributors then please get in touch with a short biographic note about yourself and your research interests. All personal information (name, email address and research interests) will be kept securely and can only be accessed by the editorial board. If you wish to remove your information from our database at any time then please email us and we'll action this straight away.

The Fine Print

The journal does not accept work that is under submission elsewhere and will not print previously published material.

We are unable to offer payment for publications or reviews.

All our publications are Open Access and free to access immediately from the date of publication. We do not charge our authors any fees for publication or process, nor do we charge readers to download articles. Fantastika Journal operates under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC. This allows for the reproduction of articles for non-commercial uses, free of charge, only with the appropriate citation information. All rights belong to the author.

All authors are responsible for acquiring copyright permissions for any images used.

If we accept your article for publication, any images that are included in the article must be submitted in separate image files in .jpg or .png . They must either have a White #FFFFFF background or be transparent. All images should include appropriate alt-text, which will require a descriptive summary of the image and must replicate any information being conveyed so that it is accessible by a screen reader. Please contact the editorial board if you are unsure how to set alt-text for an image or what information should be captured.