LGBTQIA+ Fantastika Graphics: A Digital Symposium November 20th, 2021

Following the 2020-pandemic hiatus, we are pleased to re-launch our annual conferences this year as a digital symposium. LGBTQIA+ Fantastika Graphics focuses on graphics and illustrations in its widest possible remit. We will be discussing works that contain representations of the LGBTQIA+ community, relationships, and full spectrum of identities. All papers will be released in podcast form prior to the symposium. The digital symposium on November 20 will take the form of a series of round table discussions with the panelists.

We are looking for moderators who can promote and maintain a safe and inclusive environment. Volunteer moderators will relay questions and comments from the Q&A to panel participants and direct discussion. If you are interested in taking part (either in addition to a presentation, or in lieu of one) please indicate your interest via email at

Following the symposium, we will be releasing a special edition of Fantastika Journal. Note that we are expanding the remit of the special issue to all forms (not just on graphic narratives). As well, you do not have to present at the symposium in order to submit an article for consideration. See details here.


Details for Registration will be released in the next few weeks

Click on panel headings to download abstracts

Panel 1 - History of LGBTQIA Narratives: 1:30-2:00pm GMT

  • Laura Mulcahy, University College Cork, Ireland; "The Dystopian Horror of Homosexuality: The Progressing LGBTQIA+ Narrative in Battle Royale and Angels’ Border"
  • Ibtisam Ahmed, University of Nottingham, UK; "Queer History in Marvel’s Voices Pride – Archive and Reclamation"

Panel 2 - Recovering History: 2:10-2:50pm GMT

  • Dani Shalet, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK; "Myth Reimagined"
  • Mihaela Precup & Dragoş Manea, University of Bucharest, UK; "'Sweet tits of Billy!': Reclaiming Queer History in Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles"
  • Brian Baker, Lancaster University, UK; "Queer anarchism and punk commons: being-with The Invisibles and V for Vendetta"

Panel 3 - Interrogating Space and Place: 3:00-3:40pm GMT

  • Verónica Mondragón-Paredes, Mexico; "'Are You Woman Enough to Survive?': Transgender Segregation in Bitch Planet"
  • Corey D Clawson, Rutgers University-Newark, USA; "Ichthyology of the Closet"
  • Emma French, University of Glasgow, UK; "Detoxifying Male Fantasy: Genre-Savviness and Desire in the Worldbuilding of DIE"

Panel 4 - Intersectional Approaches: 3:50-4:20pm GMT

  • Marietta Kosma, University of Oxford, UK; "An intersectional approach of Octavia Butler’s Kindred"
  • Samantha Dolan, Lancaster University, UK; "Intersectional Approaches with Race and/or Disability and Worldbuilding"

Panel 5 - Defying Patriarchal Expectations: 4:30-5:10pm GMT

  • Héloïse Thomas, Lyon University, France; "Lesbians in Space with Swords: Sapphic Representation in Contemporary Graphic Narratives"
  • Charul (“Chuckie”) Palmer-Patel, Canada; "But Where Do The Babies Come From?: A Look at Recent Retcons of DC’s Wonder Woman"
  • Elizabeth Boothby, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada; "'Mom, it’s not you': The Owl House, validation seeking, and the queerly-othered mother figure in children’s fantasy media"