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The July 2018 issue of Fantastika Journal is now available!!

Please note that there is a July 9th amendment to the July 7th publication. Please re-download the issue if you have not accessed the amended version.

Fantastika Journal


“Fantastika”  – a term appropriated from a range of Slavonic languages by John Clute –  embraces the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror, but can  also include Alternate History, Gothic, Steampunk, Young Adult Dystopic  Fiction, or any other radically imaginative narrative space.


The goal of Fantastika Journal and  its annual conference is to bring together academics and independent  researchers who share an interest in this diverse range of fields with  the aim of opening up new dialogues, productive controversies and  collaborations. We invite articles examining all mediums and disciplines  which concern the Fantastika genres. 

Current Editors

Head Editor: Charul (Chuckie) Palmer-Patel
Critical Co-Editors: Rebecca Duncan, Francis Gene-Rowe
Reviews Editor: Kerry Dodd, Matthew Elder
Assistant Reviews Editors: Chris Hussey, Antonia Spencer, Beáta Gubacsi, Monica Guerrasio
Social Media Manager: Monica Guerrasio (Facebook), Beáta Gubacsi (Twitter)
​Design Editor: Sing Yun Lee

Current Board of Advisers (in alphabetical order)

Xavier Aldana Reyes

Brian Baker

​Sarah Dillon
​Matt Foley

Veronica Hollinger
​Rob Maslen

Lorna Piatti-Farnell

Adam Roberts
Catherine Spooner

​Sherryl Vint

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